Result oriented Professional & business enabler with over 30 years of Corporate Experience, proven ability and effectiveness in Domain areas of Legal, Corporate Secretarial, Regulatory, Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property, Internal Audit & Due Diligence.

About Us

Medhaadvisors  is the brainchild of Mr. S. Ramaswamy fondly called RAM .

Medha means Goddess Saraswathi in her Intellect Form and with that Vision RAM has created a platform for MedhaAdvisors to provide Business Consultancy/ Advisory services of the highest quality to its valued & esteemed Clients comprising corporates, institutions, commercial establishments as well as individual clients on various issues that are brought to its  notice. Medha are easily accessible and offers expert guidance and advice on the issues after ascertaining all the relevant details through our dedicated and experts from different fields.

Ram was the Former Executive Vice-President, Group General Counsel of Escorts Ltd. and also former General Counsel and Company Secretary of JCB India Ltd., Agro-Tech Foods Ltd., Honda Cars India amongst other Companies he served over the last 3 decades.

Several Business Advisiors/Consulatants have therefore joined forces with Ram to provide clients various services more detailed out under Practice Areas.


“Mr.Ramaswamy is not only a good friend of me, but also a professional advisor when required! His in-depth knowledge, understanding and interpretation of Corporate Law is an asset to the Legal community.

A humble personality, yet a great perseverance to achieve, a subtle interactive face, yet a great networking ability are the assets to this great friend. He would be of immense help on Litigation, International Arbitration, Legal interpretation and in interaction with the counsels.

I wish him the very best in his new role!!”

– Badrinath Durvasula, Senior Vice President at Adani Group

“Ramaswamy has a wealth of experience in managing legal affairs of large corporations. I have gained immensely from my interactions with him over the years, thanks to his balanced and objective take on matters. An articulate speaker and a keen listener, Rama’s interventions on various topics add tremendous value to the quality of the debate.”

– Ramesh Vaidyanathan, Managing Partner Advaya Legal

The two words that best describe Ram as a professional are passion and integrity. I have worked with hundreds of senior executives, but the ones who truly and deeply care about advancing the clients and industry they serve are the ones that always stand out.

I think that’s why I’ll always remember Ram as a great supporter, advisor and collaborator. He is generous with his time and expertise, which was invaluable in developing relevant content for the prestigious Litigation Summit. Ram was a keynote speaker at that event and his participation was crucial in creating a valuable experience for the delegation.

-Brittany Ryan, Advertising & Marketing Copywriter, Cyprus and Former Production Manager EMEA & APAC, Marcus Evans

“Ramaswamy is a dear friend and a vibrant professional with, he has done some great work in his stint as General Counsel with various companies. I recommend him and wish him best of luck.”

– Adv. Prashant Mali; Cyber Law Expert & Cyber Security Expert in Mumbai India ,Author,Writer & Speaker

“Ram has a sharp and precise legal mind. He is a great manager and true leader and passionate about the Indian legal profession. I recommend his skills, expertise and open mindedness to all in and beyond the Indian legal profession.”

-Pirouzan Parvine, Partner at Dentons

Pirouzan Parvine Partner at Dentons

I know Ramaswamy for the last couple of years and find him a great friend who is always ready to reach out for any support, Personality with full of life and a great professional who looks at the business not only from legal spectacles but from supporting business to achieve its core objectives.
I recommend his work as Former-Executive Vice President- Group General Counsel at Escorts Limited.

-Sanjay Kapote, President at Birla Tyres

I have known Ram for last couple of years. Ram has great leadership quality and is a team leader. A sound legal professional with excellent relationship with colleagues both within the legal and non-legal fraternity.

– Amar Kumar Sundram, National Director-Legal (General Counsel) at Ernst & Young

I had an opportunity to work with Mr Ramaswamy in my capacity as the internal auditor of the company he was working with. I was highly impressed by the systematic approach and meticulous methodology in every work. But this was not bookish or theoretical working style. He used to come well-studied for the discussions and would have his own opinions ready even before the meeting. At the same time he was open for listening to and if required, accept the views of the others.
These qualities clearly put him ahead of others. I sincerely hope that I will get one more chance to work with him in the coming time.

– Milind Limaye, Partner at Kirtane & Pandit LLP, Chartered Accountants

Ram is perfect combination of personifying best of professional and personal traits. His capability to provide comprehensive solutions with understanding of business, legality and impacts is unmatchable. At the same leadership and capability to motivate teams provides impetus to grow for everybody who works with him.

Garry Singh MD - IIRIS & Director - ICSS

Worked with Ram very closely on both day-to-day business operations as well as some demanding special projects. He demonstrated not only in-depth understanding of legal merit, legal strategy and tactics but also international relations, and very high level of project management skills.He is also amazing person with absolutely unique ability to make and maintain friendly and productive relationships.

For anybody looking for any kind of association with him I do recommend Ram as very professional and trustworthy person. It is a real pleasure to work with Ram.

– Andrzej P. Kublik, CEO at Farmtrac Tractors, Europe